Technology Project Management

With Security, Audiovisual and Building Automation systems consolidating to the network, having a single source to manage the design, coordination and implementation process reduces risk and eliminates costly changes during construction. ITS Design Group understands the impact these systems have on a facility. Using that knowledge, we work with the MEP engineers and contractors to ensure the requirements are coordinated and implemented as early as possible to avoid costly changes during the construction phase.

Technology Master Planning

Having the right vision for your future infrastructure needs is a serious undertaking. While this may seem like an insurmountable task, with the right guidance and experience you will be amazed at what can be achieved. The key to success for this type of project is in the preparation. Whether you are looking for a complete campus refresh or a wireless installation, having a comprehensive project plan and budget defined, is key. ITS Design Group has worked with many large-scale clients to provide strategic 3 to 5-year plans for implementing many unique technologies. We understand the dependencies needed to complete the tasks and with field experience, we can manage the installation to ensure complete conformance to specifications and requirements.

Design Assist

More and more projects are utilizing the Design Build delivery method to streamline the process. This can be an efficient process by engaging the contractors in the design process. The most common issue with this process is communication. Architects often have trouble communicating with the contractors and vice versa. Since all our engineers at ITS Design Group have been on the contracting side and work with architects on a daily basis, we bridge the gap between both sides and provide a translation so both sides understand their responsibilities. Documenting a strategy for the contractors to understand what the architects need and when they need it is vital to this process.

Low Voltage Design Services

Knowing the business requirements of prospective tenants is the primary driver for the designing of the low voltage infrastructure in any new facility. As requirements vary greatly between certain markets, understanding how the building will be used will determine the depth of the technologies that should be designed into the facility.

Data Center Design

Understanding how our clients use the Data Center is key to creating a design strategy that will allow growth and flexibility for your systems and security for your data. Whether you are utilizing a colocation or on-premise strategy, we can customize a connectivity design that will ensure ease of maintenance and minimize the resources needed when implementing changes.   

Audits & Assessments

From inherited technologies such as Network Infrastructure, VTC and Audio systems to multi-site security platforms, ITS Design Group's team will audit each system and assess the current state. Our goal is to identify compatibility issues and or programming changes needed to get the most out of your systems. A detailed report will be provided outlining recommendations for upgrading, replacing or simply re-programming your systems for optimal performance.